GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD operation is mainly focused on steel blasting either by using abrasive medium such as copper grit and garnet, water jetting or auto blasting method and protective coating /painting system . The surface preparation and coating procedures shall be in accordance to the client’s specification and shall follow the standard of surface profile. A team of qualified and highly experienced staff and workers with up to 10 years in blasting and painting supports the company’s activities.

We are able to mobilize our equipment to clients specified location and we can also provide blasting area and will deliver finished products to customers.

In order to meet customer’s demands, GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD workforce is able to operate 24 house a day on every calendar day if required, and with existing expertise, the company is responsible in meeting optimum standard and ensure high quality of products and work.

GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD is committed in protecting the health and safety of its workers, and is responsible in ensuring that all workers have a healthy working environment and understand the importance of safety. For this, the company has incorporated a safety programmer.

The company is also aware of the importance of protecting the environment. The company shall ensure that yard needed for blasting and painting is secured and away from the residential area; and wastage especially hazardous blasting and coating medium shall be properly disposed of at authorized dumpsite.

Thus, this serves to facilitate close and direct liaison for productive and long term relationship with customers.

Specification For Surface Preparations

Our operations and products specifications is based on the following grades or surface finishes with reference:-

  • Storage Tanks
  • Weldon Shell
  • Steel Structure
  • Oil and Gas
  • Warehouse
  • Engineering
  • Marine

Abrasive Blast Cleaning

A few example of suitable abrasives that we use for blast cleaning.

  • Steel Grit
  • Steel Shot
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Copper slag
  • Garnet
  • Ps Ball

Coating Detail

Power Tooling Cleaning

This method is normally meant for minor repair and maintenance works and acted as secondary surface preparation in accordance to SSPC-SP 3


General Execution Methods

All Blasting and Painting tools, equipments and PPE shall be cleaned, inspected regularly and set-up properly and activity to ensure all in good working conditions and meet safety requirement.
All inspection shall be done with approved and calibrated inspection tools to ensure quality product.


Blasting Cleaning Method

Carry out cleaning works to remove dust and debris
Solvent cleaned material surface to remove grease and oil by using suitable cleaning agent in accordance to SSPC-SP


Paint Application Preparation

All paint and coating material approved by the clients are applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
All paint shall be thoroughly stirred or mixed and applied within “pot life”


Application And Inspection Method

Method of Application

  • Air spray – using conventional pot with built in stirrer
  • Airless Spray
  • Brush Application – when areas cannot be properly coated by spraying or touch up purposes
  • Roller application – as per brush application

Inspection Methods

- to confirm good atmospheric conditions
- at least reading show 3ºC above dew point or humidity below 85%.

Steel Temperature Gauge
- to ensure that material temperature not exceeding 40ºC to avoid dry spray

Wet Film Thickness Gauge
- to ensure adequate film thickness as per manufacturer´s requirement.

Dry Film Thickness Gauge
- to ensure the success of applied coating thickness

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