Policies HSE
GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD philosophy toward safety is “SAFETY FIRST” and believes that work progress must not be achieved at the expense of safety. We integrate Health, Safety and Environmental issues with the way we do business. We strongly believe that successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of any business. Through this policy, we are responsible for protecting people, property and environment.

Towards achieving these objectives and in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act), FMA (Factory and Machinery Act) EQA (Environment Quality Act), legislation, social and other legal requirements We will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to the lowest practical levels. Our goal is to prevent harm to our employees, our clients, and all others who could be affected by our business activities and to minimize the impact on the environment.

Our management will continue to take a proactive approach towards creating a safe working environment for all employees. With this in mind GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD continues to provide safety education and training for all her employees. We strive to maintain awareness in all HSE matters, hence ensuring a proactive approach in providing value-added service to our clients. This awareness is achieved through education, training, safety audits, documentation, establishing safety committee and two-way communication between the management and employees. We emphasize our continued commitment to HSE through our unique cycle of assessing, planning, training, monitoring and adjusting towards improved HSE growth.

Quality Policy Statement

GLORY INTERLINK SDN BHD Malaysia’s local Oil and Gas Company is fully committed to meeting the requirements of ISO9001 as per applicable codes, statutory requirement and customer specifications as we strive -

  • To maintain an effective Quality Assurance System complying with International Standard ISO9001 (Quality Systems).
  • To understand our customers' key strategic aims including any legislative or statutory requirements and through effective relationship with our clients and suppliers.
  • To operate the business cost-effectively and efficiently eliminating non-value added activities.
  • To remove all barriers to progress and create an environment in which employees are the process owners and agents of change.
  • To continually optimize for our customers the value of the products we supply.
  • To consider both human and equipment resources to ensure achievement of our policies and objectives.
  • To develop and maintain a company-wide culture of continuous improvement across all areas of the business operation.
  • Ongoing development/training of our employees to achieve and maintain operational excellence.
  • Participation of all employees, subcontractors and vendors in quality programs.
  • Periodic System Evaluation by each department for continual improvement.

The above Company organizational goals and targets have been determined by top management in consideration of customer feedback, business-planning issues, by competitor product comparison and by routine analysis of historical output quality records.

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